Sunday, March 29, 2009

38 Weeks!!!!!!

We now stand 13 days from Abigail's arrival and we think we are as ready as we can be. Abigail's room is ready and stocked with diapers, burp cloths, clean clothes, etc. We have even spent this weekend trying to rest a little in order to get ready. :) Is that possible??
We wanted to share with you what Abigail's nursery looks like. Here are some pictures;

Meanwhile, Reilly continues to be a big help to Laurel in making sure that she rests (notice how he is holding her down). Reilly is very excited by the arrival of Abigail - he already loves her, notice in the picture how he has wrapped his arms around her...

Thanks for checking back with us. We will continue to update our journey and, very soon, will have pictures of Abigail to share!!!
Bob & Laurel

Friday, March 27, 2009

15 days....

Abigail continues to grow, move and excite her parents!! Her movements are so much more pronounced as she grows - we are amazed to watch Laurel's entire body move when Abby shifts her positions.

Each day brings us closer to her arrival - we think we are ready! :) Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Look for the week 38 picture this weekend!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

37 WEEKS!!!!!

Because she is getting to be a big girl, it was difficult to get any clear pictures. The first picture

here is her foot and, if you look closely, you can see her grabbing it;

The second picture is the heart rate pattern showing a healthy 131 bpm heart rate;

19 days left!!! It is hard to believe how close we are now...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Showered with blessings

It is Sunday morning in Central Virginia and it is raining steadily with a forecast that calls for rain for at least the next 30 hours. The rain is a mixed blessing since our water levels are low but we sure would like some sunny days to enjoy the last weeks before Abigail's arrival.

The showers though remind us of the many blessings we have received from family and friends all over the country. You have gifted us with so many different things for Abigail and we are so thankful to everyone for their thoughtfulness and generosity. Our home is over-run with lady bugs and there has never been a more beautfil sight! Who knew that they put lady bugs on so many different things? :)

27 days are all that remain of our journey to the expected arrival date and we have loved the experience. It seems so long ago that we found out that we were having a baby but, also, the time has flown by! We now sit and watch Abigail 'renovating' her current living quarters in an attempt to make more room - much more entertaining than television!!!

We will continue to update the blog over the coming days (only 27 left - did I mention that?!?! :) ) and will post pictures and our thoughts of the remaining time. Once Abigail is born we will use this blog to share pictures of our bundle of joy as quickly as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to each of you for your generosity and kindness. Have an amazing week!

Bob & Laurel

Monday, March 9, 2009

Abby's getting active!

We are now 34 days from the expected arrival date of Abigail and she is getting more active and responsive to her environment. We are thrilled to watch her move and explore her 'home' as she gets ready for the big move!

Here is the week 35 picture, with Laurel standing in front of Abigail's bed;

For those of you who do not live in Central Virginia, our weather has been crazy. Sunday night brought a snow storm that dropped 12 inches of snow at our house. School's were closed Monday and Tuesday and delayed on Wednesday. By Saturday, the temperature reached 80 degrees and we were able to run around in short sleeve shirts and tank tops. We enjoyed a breakfast out with Jane and Anna Saturday morning;

Thanks for checking in with us, we will continue to post and update you on the last few weeks of our journey to Abby's arrival and then share our journey as parents through this same blog. Talk to you soon,
Bob & Laurel

Monday, March 2, 2009

34 Weeks!

Growing closer every day!!!!

Hello all - we continue our countdown to Abigail's expected April 11 arrival date. Abigail has become very active and, due to her growth, she is now very visible! When she moves or rolls over it is a quite obvious and beautiful thing. Here is the week 34 picture so you can measure her growth;

We are finalizing our plans for her birth and how we will communicate her arrival to everyone. We have had many people ask us to contact them when she arrives and we are going to put together an immediate announcement list and need your help.

Please give us your email address or text message number if you want to be notified when Abigail arrives. Email this information to and use Abigail as the subject. We want to make sure that we share as quickly as possible with those who want to know immediately.

Thanks for checking back with our journey. We will post again soon,

Bob & Laurel