Friday, September 12, 2008

10 weeks: Baby Weaver arriving April 11, 2009

Hey all - today we found out that we are due April 11, 2009!!!! We got to see the pictures posted here and to hear the heartbeat (167 bpm!!).

We are so blessed and cannot wait to see what the weeks bring. Check back often for updates!!!

Bob & Laurel


The Dinsmore's said...

I can tell that it is a Weaver baby. He/she looks like Aunt Tracy!!! We are SO excited up here in Michigan. CONGRATS!!!!!!

Grandma and Poppa said...

Wow! We're walking on air up here in Michigan. I can tell already it's a beautiful baby!!!!

Jodi and Justin said...

Congratulations! We are very excited for both of you. We look forward to viewing the updates! April is a great month to have a baby! Here's hoping for the 12th!

Piston fans said...

Columbus is excited for you too!! Congrats!
P.S. I already know its a girl. (Please choose Mallory!)

bobolweaver said...

Mallory Keaton?? Like Family Ties??