Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009

Today is our expected delivery date and we are ready!!! :) Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment where we found that everything is exactly how is should be and our baby will soon be here. How soon you ask? That we do not know - our baby could be here any time now.

This morning we took Reilly for a walk in our neighborhood and then went to IHOP for an excellent breakfast - see the pictures below :)

Today is considered moving day at the Master's golf tournament in Augusta, GA ( - could it be moving day for us too??? :)
Hope your Saturday is excellent - more to follow...


The Dinsmore's said...

My guess is she will have it on April 18th. Just a random guess. P S when we come down, we will have to eat at Hardee's, it is one of my fave's. Or you could send me some mushroom swiss burgers. yum yum!!!!!!

Kristin said...

It is a sad day when your due date comes and goes. :( I was 6 days late with Caleb and it seemed like the longest 6 days ever! ;) Hope this baby girl is a little earlier (our due date is September 3)!

Abigail will be here soon though!!! Patience is a they say! :)
Take care,