Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tom Petty once said...

that the waiting is the hardest part. At this point, we must agree!

Thursday we had a doctor's appointment with an ultrasound to make sure Abigail is still protected and healthy in her environment and she passed with flying colors. She did not, however, appear interested in coming to see us just yet. So, we have scheduled an induction Tuesday April 21. We are still counting on her coming before Tuesday.

A friend yesterday told us that, with baby girls, they come on their own time, usually late, and it is a pattern to get used to since she will keep us waiting the rest of her life!! :) I don't know if that is statistically true but it was in her case and Abigail seems to be really enjoying her environment now... :)

We will keep you posted as more developments occur. If you did not receive the text message this week to keep everyone instantly updated but want to, email with your mobile phone number and we will add you to the list.

Happy Sunday!!

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The Dinsmore's said...

Ok, I was wrong, she didn't come on the 18th. Can't wait until the phone call on Tuesday, I was induced with Sheridan and it wasn't bad, Laurel. Take it all out on Bob. Just Joking!!!